White Peony (Liquid Herb)


Our liquid herbs are the purest, and processed individually to ensure maximum efficacy.  Due to their potency, we strongly recommend you seek the guidance from a Wellness Way Doctor with any questions you may have regarding the use of this herb.  Contact a clinic near you!

White Peony (Paeonia lactiflora), also known as Bai Shao or Radix Paeoniae Alba, is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb derived from the roots of the Paeonia lactiflora plant. It’s found across the world but is widely cultivated in China. The roots, less commonly the flower and seed, are used to make herbal supplements. White Peony is sometimes called Red Peony. This does not refer to the color of the flower, which are shades of pink, purple, red, and white, but to the color of the processed root. This powerful herb has been used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries to support emotional stability and mental focus, nourish the blood and liver, and support healthy levels of estrogens. It’s often prescribed as part of herbal formulas for conditions such as menstrual disorders, abdominal pain, muscle cramps, and spasms. White Peony has various bioactive compounds, including paeoniflorin, albiflorin, oxypaeoniflorin, paeonol, proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, tannins, and polysaccharides, which are believed to contribute to its health-promoting effects.

White Peony has been shown in scientific studies to:

  • Provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity
  • Support a normal immune response
  • Support a healthy menstrual cycle
  • Promote healthy estrogen levels in women
  • Help maintain normal circulation
  • Help maintain healthy skin and normal pigmentation

White Peony Infosheet
Bottle contains 6 fl oz (177ml)