Wellness Zinc


Zinc is a critical mineral for many physiological functions and is commonly deficient. Wellness Zinc provides the best whole food form of zinc, 100% pure oyster meat powder.

Zinc plays a critical role in many physiological processes. Because it is often deficient in traditional diets, supplementation is commonly required. Finding the highest quality source is always at the forefront of our Wellness Way supplements and our Wellness Zinc is a perfect example of this. Instead of trying to match many other synthetic versions of zinc on the market, we went straight to the highest whole food source of zinc: Oyster!

Wellness Zinc is sourced from 100% pure, wild caught oyster meat. Oyster has 10 times the amount of zinc than red meat. Each capsule contains 500mg of oyster meat powder, with no additional additives or fillers. In choosing a whole food source, one does not have to be concerned about depletion of other elements, including copper, which can happen from taking direct elemental zinc. In fact, oyster contains all 59 trace elements in a highly absorbable form!   

Benefits of Zinc

  • Shown to improve sexual and reproductive function
  • Plays a key role in testosterone production
  • Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant
  • Immune System supportive
  • Support for eye health and aging
  • Skin health and muscle repair

Supports Dopamine production

Wellness Zinc Infosheet