The Non Inflammatory Diet Book


This book combines years of research and education that helps patients reduce inflammation and begin to heal. For all of our lives we have been taught to eat a certain way, or rather, we have been conditioned to eat the same way our parents, family, or friends have eaten. However, the quality of food has drastically changed over the past century and as a result, the health of society has deteriorated.

Eating poorly causes inflammation… a buzzword we are sure you have heard or read about. Inflammation is the cause of so many conditions and symptoms. Eating healthy is essential, but there is so much information out there… where do you start? Who do you believe? Do you really have to eat just twigs and berries?
Absolutely not! Eating healthy is not as difficult as most think it is. Once you understand a few key principles laid out in this book, you will find it much easier to take this journey for life!

This book includes a 30-day meal plan, over 60 recipes, and step-by-step instructions on how to make the best nutritional choices.

Paperback – 100 pages