I Still Disagree


Since I Disagree's original release in 2019, Dr. Patrick Flynn, DC has received raving reviews and accolades from around the world. From marriages transformed to health restored, Dr. Patrick's no-nonsense delivery and common-sense message has helped people take back control of the very parts of their lives they feared losing.

Filled with even more hope-filled stories and tips, this updated and revised edition now answers the questions:

  • How did we get here?
  • What actionable steps can you take today to improve your health (quality of life, longevity)?
  • What do you stand to gain by disagreeing?

Inspired by his wife's health journey, and the clinical experiences in his office, Dr. Flynn shares his outlook on how unique health is to each individual person. Instead of approaching health from a stance of one-size-fits-all medical standards of care, Dr. Flynn carefully considers the needs of each patient. This mindset and the two words, I disagree, have been the catalyst for a growing, dynamic company reaching patients from all corners of the globe. He knows that when people dare to disagree, they are able to see the hope on the other side.