The Wellness Way Approach to GI Health


This isn’t your customary book cover that explains why you should read this book. I want to be very up front about what this book is not. There are no magic supplement recommendations, no colon cleanses that will fix everything that ails you, including your kid’s bad attitudes, nor is it loaded with a simple step-by-step guide of how to cure your gut problems in 30 days. That’s okay because what you will find inside is so much better.

What will you get? Real information about how to make the best decisions to improve your gut health. No false promises. This book is for those who have had every GI test in the world, seen all the specialists, tried all the pharmaceutical drugs on the market for GI issues and still feel like poop. This is for those who have been there, done that. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. I promise this is not your typical fast fix, cure-all book. Read this book and find a different approach for GI health. One that is about building health and preventing illness.

105 pages