Genova GI Effects with Parasitology


Gastrointestinal complaints are among the most common reasons that patients seek care. The more we learn about the impact gut health, the more evidence we have demonstrating the far-reaching effects of a compromised digestive tract. The Wellness Way has teamed with Genova Diagnostics to offer this exclusie panel to give the most comprehensive look into your GI. This custom analysis can help assess digestive and absorptive functions, the presence of bad bacteria, pathogens, and parasites, allowing patients to better address their intestinal health.

Fasting is not required for this test. Consult package instructions before completing test. Take all medications as prescribed. Certain medications can interfere with the tests included in the panel, so tell your health practitioner about any drugs that you are taking. Consult your results with a Wellness Way practitioner to make the most of them and develop a course of care that will bring optimal health.

Product Clause

RESTRICTIONS APPLY FOR ORDERING THIS LAB TEST IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK OR RHODE ISLAND. If you live in one of these states, please give us a call at 844.313.5601 for more information.

Results typically returned within 3 business weeks.

Our wellness consulting services, including our consultations, testing recommendations, and supplement recommendations are not designed to diagnose or treat any disease.  Instead, they are intended to assist you in understanding your body’s individual functioning and to support your body’s systems.  Because we are not diagnosing or treating a disease, these services are not typically appropriate for insurance reimbursement.

All Labs are nonrefundable

*No additional “Add-on Testing” is available with your TWW – Store purchase. If you are interested in having additional add-on markers tested, please contact your local TWW – Clinic”

  • Digestion & Absorption:
    • Pancreatic Elastase 1 (PE-1 monoclonal antibody)
    • Products of protein breakdown (Valerate, Isonbutyrate, Isovalerate)
    • Triglycerides
    • Long-Chain Fatty Acids
    • Cholesterol
    • Phospholipids
  • Inflammation & Immunology:
    • Calprotectin
    • Eosinophil Protein X (EPX)
    • Fecal secretory IgA
  • Metabolic Markers:
    • Short-Chain Fatty Acids (total)
    • N-Butyrate Concentration
    • Short-Chain Fatty Acids %
      • N-Butyrate %
      • Acetate %
      • Propionate %
    • Beta-gluconronidase
  • Commensal Bacteria (24 PCR targets)
    • Bacteroidetes Phylum (5 targets)
    • Firmicutes Phylum (10 targets)
    • Actinobacteria Phylum (3 targets)
    • Euryarchaeota Phylum (1 target)
    • Fusobacteria Phylum (1 target)
    • Verrucomicrobia Phylum (1 target)
    • Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes Ratio
  • Microbiology Culture & Maldi Tof Identification
    • Bacteriology & Sensitivity testing regardless of quantification
    • Mycology & Sensitivity testing regardless of quantification
    • Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) Preparation for Yeast
  • Parasitology
    • Microscopic Examination
      • Nematodes – roundworms
      • Cestodes – tapeworms
      • Trematodes – flukes
      • Protozoa
      • White Blood Cells
      • Charcot-Leyden Crystals
    • PCR Analysis (NexGen Sequencing)
      • Blastocystis spp.
      • Blastocystis spp. Subtyping (if positive)
      • Cryptosporidium spp.
      • Cyclospora cayetanensis
      • Dientamoeba fragilis
      • Entamoeba histolytica
      • Giardia
  • Additional Results
    • Fecal Occult Blood
    • Color
    • Consistency