Gallbladder Complex


Gallbladder Complex is a required supplement for those who no longer have a gallbladder. It is also supportive of those who struggle with fat digestion and gallbladder stones or attacks.

This product provides a supplement source of what every individual needs that no longer has a gallbladder or who needs gallbladder support. Many people are unaware that following gallbladder surgery they require lifelong digestive support because of the inability to store bile, a primary function of the gallbladder. The unique combination of ingredients in this product ensures that bile is available to aid in healthy digestion and absorption.

Ox Bile is a supplemental source of bile that should be taken with each meal if the gallbladder has been removed or if the gallbladder function is diminished. Without proper bile levels, the ability to digest and absorb fat is dramatically reduced. This can lead to a wide variety of symptoms and complaints including bloating, irregular bowel movements, feeling stuffed after a small amount of food and many others. Even though the liver produces the majority of the body’s bile, the gallbladder is needed to store the bile and release it when it is necessary in the digestive process. Without the gallbladder, the liver will secrete bile but it will not properly time up with digestion.

In addition to Ox Bile for normalizing bile amount and availability, Organic Beet Root Powder and Artichoke Leaf Powder are also used to help thin the bile and lubricate the bile ducts. This is helpful for individuals both with and without a gallbladder. By allowing the bile to move properly throughout the digestive system, individuals are able to ensure the best possible results for improving digestion and absorption.

Gallbladder Complex Infosheet