Blood Sugar Glandular


The Blood Sugar Glandular provides desiccated pancreas, kidney and liver from pasture-raised, New Zealand animals to help support healthy blood sugar regulation. 

As a society today we are far removed from the rituals and habits adopted by natives and our early ancestors. Throughout most of human history it was common practice to consume animals from nose to tail because of the health and longevity benefits. Organ meats are the best whole food, nutrient dense sources on the planet! It was believed that eating the organs of healthy animals would help to strength and support the organs that were being consumed. For instance, if you had thyroid issues you should eat thyroid. If you had heart problems you should eat heart. And the list goes on. In the modern world we consider this strategy barbaric and frankly disgusting. However, because of our modern perspective we are in a constant struggle to fulfill optimal nutritional needs and are riddled with a variety of associated chronic diseases.

Fully knowing that most people would never eat the organ itself, The Wellness Way has developed organ-based supplements to help solve this dilemma. These supplements are sourced exclusively in New Zealand, the world’s leader in pasture raised, grass fed and finished animals. Because of strict livestock regulations, the quality is second to none. They are free of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and GMO’s. An important step in the process is freeze drying which helps to preserve optimal nutrient value. Every batch is third party tested for quality and contaminants and to ensure purity.

Unless specifically noted, these supplements can be taken at any time of the day, with or without food.

Nutrition Standards

  • Pasture raised, grass fed and finished in New Zealand 
  • Freeze Dried for optimum nutrient benefits 
  • Third party tested for purity
  • Hormone, pesticide, antibiotic and GMO free

Why Pancreas?

It is well known the critical role that the pancreas plays in proper blood sugar regulation. One of the key structures specific to the pancreas are the beta cells, the location of insulin production.  Healthy beta cell function is critical to being able to properly control blood sugar.

  • Contains proteins, peptides and enzymes to support pancreatic health including lipase, protease, trypsin and amylase.
  • Supports pancreas health, digestive and blood sugar health, nutrient assimilation, high in numerous digestive enzymes
  • Source of insulin production for blood sugar regulation

Why Kidney?

While the pancreas is well known in regards to blood sugar regulation, a commonly overlooked organ that is damaged by blood sugar regulation issues is the kidney. Because of this, it is critical for regenerative support to be provided for the kidneys. The kidney also plays many other unique roles in the body and takes the brunt of changes to normal physiology.

  • Contains proteins, peptides and enzymes to support kidney and urinary health
  • Commonly damaged with poorly controlled blood sugar and/or autoimmunity.
  • High in DAO to support histamine health
  • High in B12 and selenium
  • Supports histamine metabolism, detoxification, gout

Why Liver?

Looking for the most nutrient dense food on the planet but can’t handle the thought of eating it? Instead of eating 8 oz of beef liver each week, look no farther than beef liver capsules! Liver is packed with proteins, vitamins and nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, folate, choline, CoQ10 and iron (specifically heme iron, the most bio-available form leading to better absorption). Liver helps to support collagen synthesis, bone health, connective tissue health (hair, skin, nails), immune system health, methylation, heart health, brain health, and so much more!

It is great for those looking to support an overall healthier liver and is a must for those suffering from anemia (low iron, ferritin). One of the common concerns with consuming beef liver is the risk of toxicity. The good news is this is a common misconception of the liver. The liver does play a critical role in the filtration of toxins, but it does not store them and is therefore perfectly safe to consume. What the liver does store is nutrients, vitamins and minerals as noted above.

  • The most nutrient dense food on the planet! High in Vitamin A, B12, folate, choline, CoQ10, iron, zinc, copper and many more.
  • Collagen synthesis and bone health
  • Methylation and overall liver support
  • Hair, skin, and nail health
  • Anemia support
  • Heart and brain health