Aurora Life Sciences - Autoimmune 30+


Autoimmune 30+  tests for  30+ specific antigens that are known to be associated with >20 common autoimmune disorders. These common disorders comprise >70% of all diagnoses related to not only Systemic disorders but Thyroid, Liver and Gastrointestinal as well. See “tests being run” for all antigens tested, and article above explaining how Aurora is superior to traditional autoimmune cascade testing.

Sample Test Results:

Fasting is not required for this blood draw test. Take all medications as prescribed. Certain medications can interfere with the tests included in the panel, so tell your health practitioner about any drugs that you are taking. Consult your results with a Wellness Way practitioner to make the most of them and develop a course of care that will bring optimal health.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY FOR ORDERING THIS LAB TEST IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK OR RHODE ISLAND. If you live in one of these states, please give us a call at 844.313.5601 for more information.

Results typically returned within 3 business weeks.